Why Qurvii?


With so many fashion brands to choose from, why should you pick us Good question! Besides our trendy styling, use of choicest fabrics and detailed tailoring, two main reasons - fit and size


If you are a woman with curves, no matter what your size, chances are most clothes don't fit you well. You should know a fashion industry secret. Most brands design samples on size 0 models. That's because fashion brands design clothes to showcase on runways where ultra thin models wear these clothes. The styles that get good response are manufactured for retail customers, aka you. At this stage the same samples are scaled up for various sizes. The same styles that look so good on women who are not curvy, don't fit you as well,

At Qurvil, we do it differently. We don't design for the runway. Instead, we design our samples on curvy models of various sizes. So if you are a curvy woman, our clothes will fit you better. As an example, you can see the comparison between our S and XXL sizes and that of a leading international brand

XS Comparison


Ever liked a style only to be told that its not available in your size. Most brands make different styles for regular and plus size (Industry nomenclature, not ours. And we hate it too.) markets. That's for 2 reasons-one because most designers don't like to see their signature styles on larger size women; and two, they try to economize fabric and stitching costs while designing for larger sizes.

Not at Qurvii. We make all our styles in all sizes from XXS to 4XL. So the same chiffon dresses and silk tops are available to women of all sizes. And at the same price

That's our story. Connect with us and give us your comments/suggestions on our facebook or Instagram pages (#Qurviilndia).