Wear Confidence with Qurvii


At Qurvii, we stand in awe of the courage and resilience shown by women every day. Whether it's breaking glass ceilings or overcoming personal challenges that might seem small to the world but are monumental to you, every fight against the odds is significant.

This Women's Day, we're proud to introduce 'Wear Confidence with Qurvii' – a tribute to every woman fighting her own battles, pushing through barriers, and daring to dream, regardless of the size of the challenge.

Your story matters, and we want to hear it:

  • Have you overcome a personal challenge that’s shaped who you are?
  • Have you taken steps to break barriers, no matter how daunting they seemed?
  • Have you persisted in the face of adversity, big or small, to pursue your dreams?

Here’s how to share your journey with us:

Narrate Your Story: Tell us about your battles, achievements, and what wearing a Qurvii dress to your next big occasion would mean to you.

Tag and Share: Use #WearConfidenceWithQurvii and mention @Qurvii in your story or post.

Join Our Community: Follow @Qurvii, where we celebrate every woman's unique journey and strength.

Selected stories will be gifted a Qurvii dress as our way of standing by you, acknowledging your courage, and celebrating your victories, no matter the scale. You can mail us at support@qurvii.com or DM us on Instagram at @Qurvii.