How western wear for curvy women is being redefined by the designers at Qurvii?

If clothing brands were just about style, it wouldn’t have created an essence among the customers. When you dress up, it affects your state of mind. How clothes ensemble your beauty and comfort. The touch of its freshness and intimacy. The way it fits every fold and curve of your body.

  • At Qurvii, designers have remarkably flavored a practical taste for curvy fashion.

After studying the women's body types in great detail, Qurvii has designed its own size chart, one that helps us introduce fashion that best fits curvy women of all sizes.

It takes courage to understand the sensitivity and provide a phenomenal experience.

  • Women’s frustration with clothes is mainly two-fold. - clothes either don't align with their unique shapes or are not available in their size at all.

All enthusiastic women face this challenge every day. Feeling preoccupied with prosaic clothing that doesn’t let them cherish their beauty. Regular options fall short of expectations in the right size and fit. Also, extravagant pricing leads to compromise with their style choices.

  • Finally

After probing with women, we understood what curvy (Qurvii) women really want. i.e. a fine collection of clothes that will make them feel subtle. An eminent texture of fabrics and finishing, which is gorgeously crafted to embellish their curves. Also, to have a wardrobe with selective styles to express their poise. That appeals to their senses and is not limited to one design. Clothes that hug their shapes flawlessly. If you are reading this, we totally get it. And we are ready to fix your dilemma of fewer options.

  • A talented and innovative team of experts.

We are equipped with professionals who endeavor in the idea of a life-changing experience. It is our belief that dressing up compliments our skin. Clothing is an embodiment of confidence and self-esteem. With collaboration and strategy, we always look forward to executing a style statement.

  • Making you feel ready to celebrate.

We exploit a wide variety of fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, cotton, and also simple silhouettes. To embrace your curves, these are planned and created in all sizes.

  • All our styles are available in sizes ranging from XS up to 5XL.

No more dissatisfaction with finding styles you like, only to realize that they are not available in your size. Such congruence in delivery is a journey towards creating an expressive image. Which is reassuring.

The trend is about shaping the needs of people. With a factor of introducing a symbolic tradition. That simplifies maintaining human relationships. To flaunt our ethnicity and grace.

We are eager to make you feel great with these unique collections.

Take part in the journey with Qurvii today.